We Are Here To Help Chief Pilots, Travel Managers and Flight Department Managers Prevent Problems and Save Time and Money

Flight department managers, chief pilots, and aviation consultants trust us to provide flexible and international customized flight scheduling solutions, dispatch manuals and consulting.

We are experts at solving problems and finding unique solutions for US and International travel. We handle all of your needs in-house, with key trusted partners for international work. We use the same world-class, up-to-date software used by the largest flight departments and large dispatch companies.

When exploring options for dispatch, be sure to ask about response time, pull-outs, fuel sourcing, insurance, and programs included in the service.  Additional costs can add up!  We’re careful to ask questions so that we provide the best options to meet your needs with the best value.

Why Is LD Aviation the Best Option?

Our mission is to help small to mid-sized flight departments dispatch planes and crews as safely, accurately, completely and quickly as the largest and best-equipped flight departments.

Our primary objective is the safety and comfort of your travelers, followed closely by providing the best value for your investment.

We set ourselves apart from the competition because we are 100% committed to providing the best customer service in the industry and will continuously work hard to build that trust. We promise to go above and beyond your expectations, never compromising safety, security, and confidentiality. We are dedicated to providing products and services geared towards the safe operation of your flight department.

We will help take your flight department to a higher altitude, by leveraging your assets, maximizing aircraft availability and minimizing the aircraft ‘down’ days including managing crew availability, making sure you know that to expect at every step of your journey.. . .

Flight Scheduling

Flight and Crew Dispatch

L/D Aviation Services is available, as needed, to schedule, prepare and dispatch your trips.  We can handle it all or just the pieces you choose.  Examples of services include: Fuel shopping, FBO coordination, Crew and Passenger Transportation, Hotels, manual updates, Scheduling software implementation and so much more.

Consulting and Training

L/D Aviation Services specializes in personalized aviation services.  We specialize in flight planning, dispatch manuals, scheduling, training, and consulting.

Our goal is to provide the highest in safety and reliability.

Flight Manuals

Dispatch Manual

Creating a dispatch manual is a fantastic way to ensure compliance with regulations and company policies, while reducing confusion among your crew and travelers.

The best flight manuals are easy to read and use, and answer questions quickly and clearly.

Clients find working with LD Aviation to be refreshingly simple, great service with all the resources of a large, in-house flight department.

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