Why do you need L/D Aviation Services?

Safety, time management, convenience, and experience!

Because of all that experience, we know firsthand what can go wrong and we can find solutions quickly.

We have expertise in many areas, but with LD Aviation, you pay for just what you need even though you have the knowledge of multiple people.

We are experts in this industry and we can manage your travel with more efficiency than companies can by hiring any one or two individuals.  LD Aviation saves you time, allowing you to focus on your business. We streamline and standardize the process, taking the burden off of your employee and saving money at the same time.

Whether you have one employee traveling at a time or hundreds, its your duty as their employer to do everything possible to keep them safe. Our clients are always alerted if their travelers are in harms way. We stay on top of weather, diseases, current events and more so you don’t have to worry!

Clients find working with LD Aviation to be refreshingly simple, great service with all the resources of a large, in-house flight department.

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Contact Us Now!

Custom Dispatch

Perfect for small flight departments without a full-time dispatcher.

Corporate, private and other clients.

Whether you have one plane, three or ten, we can help you get the most convenience and flexibility with safe, accurate, and complete dispatch services.

Weather & Logistics

Streamlined and standardized with YOUR preferences in mind.

We have the same resources as the big companies

Traveling assistance including ‘day of’ travel and helping with weather,  and maintenance delays and finding creative options to get you where you need to be.

Concierge Services

We manage every aspect of your travel experience.

Full support for your family, employees or team.

Ground transportation, lodging, entertainment, customs, immigration, security tracking and emergency assistance all managed by our team.

International Travel

We support you and your flight crew all over the globe.

Customs, Immigration, passports and visas

From trip planning to on-the-ground assistance in any country or continent.   Customs, immigration, fuel, catering, supplies, lodging, security and tracking.

Why Choose Us

  • We have 35 years of experience in scheduling for FAA Part 91/135 flight departments.
  • We have current subscriptions to the latest, most complete weather and communication software.
  • Consulting to provide travel policies that provide the flexibility you need while being a good stewards of resources.
  • Experience negotiating with air/car/hotel and other vendors to provide the best value.
  • 24/7, world-class, personal customer service.

What Clients Say

Ms Dyer is an outstanding professional with the experience, knowledge, and drive to provide excellent aviation services.

Randy Dyer

Lindsay works hard for her clients and is personable, friendly and reliable. We would highly recommend her.

Barbara Dyer, DDI Incorporated

Lindsay has extensive knowledge of corporate aviation and the scheduling/dispatching duties.

David Thompson, Director of Aviation, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Lindsay quickly set up our account and began dispatching our trips with a minimal amount of direction.

David Thompson, Director of Aviation, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Lindsay has an excellent relationship with the crew, has great communication skills, and a quick response time when we need changes and adjustments to the schedule.

David Thompson, Director of Aviation, General Dynamics Mission Systems

I . . .  highly recommend Lindsay/LD Aviation.

David Thompson, Director of Aviation, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Lindsay is a driven and capable Aviation Professional. She is an excellent Dispatcher/Scheduler and has the skills to excel in any area of Aviation Administration.

Clint Fereday, Director of Aviation

In addition to her hard skills, here soft skills enable her to naturally manage teams. She has a gentle demeanor while clearly demonstrating and communicating her managerial presence.

Clint Fereday, Director of Aviation

She exhibits competence and discretion in the execution of her duties consistently.

Clint Fereday, Director of Aviation

She is extremely professional, efficient, detail oriented and extremely competent.

David Thompson, Director of Aviation, General Dynamics Mission Systems

Lindsay connects with all of our executive assistants and I can tell you that all the EA’s love and appreciate all that Lindsay has helped us with during the last 2 ½ years.

David Thompson, Director of Aviation, General Dynamics Mission Systems

LD Aviation Services has been a perfectly tailored solution, across every dimension of my flight operation.

Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager, Vulcan Value Partners, LLC

With one aircraft, three pilots and a Maintenance Manager, we’ve been able to leverage Lindsay’s team’s capabilities as a significant force multiplier.

Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager, Vulcan Value Partners, LLC

They provide a phenomenal, virtual flight department experience that has enhanced my managerial bandwidth tenfold.

Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager, Vulcan Value Partners, LLC

Capabilities include: FBO selection and optimized fuel purchasing plans; fuel vendor account set-up assistance; catering (location, ordering, tracking and quality control); flight planning assistance, as needed; NOTAM and critical information awareness; commercial travel, lodging and rental car scheduling and support; and dependable, in-execution tracking of flight progress, FBO updates and passenger ground transportation.

Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager, Vulcan Value Partners, LLC

I have entrusted Lindsay’s team to coordinate directly with our Executive Assistants to help manage the iterative process of itinerary planning while my team and I execute the missions.

Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager, Vulcan Value Partners, LLC

Their professionalism and style integrates seamlessly, and the outcome is always superb. We are proud to have them on our Vulcan team!

Greg Anderson, Aviation Manager, Vulcan Value Partners, LLC

Lindsay Dyer is an exceptional Flight Coordinator and International Trip Planner. The last time I was gone she covered 5 aircraft. There were 15 domestic trips and two international trips. One of the international trips had 18 legs and an ever changing itinerary. My pilots completely trust her and know she does an exceptional job.

Susan McCloskey, Flight Operations Scheduler, Jackson Family Wines
The remote nature of contract services allow us the flexibility to react to increased operational tempo while maintaining reduced overhead during our cyclical lows.  The support to both crews and passengers is truly second to none, with a unique, personal touch.
Linzi Bigwood, Your Content Goes Here

Lindsay Dyer and her team did an amazing job during the transition and continue to provide support for me and our team. Without a doubt, LD Aviation Services should be the first call for anyone needing flight operations trip planning and dispatch support services.

Ron Mahan, Director of Operations, FunAir Corporation

Lori has excellent communications skills, she is extremely organized, reliable and professional.  Her performance and attitude exceeded expectations and standards at all times.

Bruce Los, Retired Senior Vice President, Gentex